Verb Patterns Lesson Two: Verb + Gerund

Lesson one is going to look at lots of different verbs that take the infinitive. Remember, the tense of the first verb isn’t important.

Verbs + Gerund

The following verbs all use this pattern: enjoy, admit, consider, keep, miss, can’t help, mind, avoid, deny, mention, recommend, risk.

  • I enjoyed seeing them yesterday.
  • We don’t enjoy going there.
  • He finally admitted taking drugs.
  • I’m considering starting a new business.


The following is a conversation using the verbs + gerund format (this conversation follows from lesson one):

(Beth is now in Switzerland and she is speaking to david on the phone..)

David:  I’m considering coming to visit you soon.

Beth: That’s great. I miss having our conversations every day. I keep thinking about that time we avoided going to that boring meeting because of that excuse you made up.

David: I couldn’t help laughing because our boss had no idea.

Beth: Yeah. Well, I recommend taking the morning flight instead of the afternoon one as you don’t want to risk arriving too late for the weekend.

David: Good idea. I don’t mind getting up early anyway and I enjoy travelling in the mornings.



Use the correct form of the correct verb in the following: enjoy, mind, recommend, avoid, deny, miss, can’t help, risk

1. I would definitely __________ going to see the new museum if you go to Madrid.

2. He __________ doing those terrible things.

3. They __________ living in Rome.

4. It was bad, but I __________ laughing when she fell over.

5. He __________ losing everything at the casino last week.

6. I don’t __________ washing up if you don’t want to do it.

7. I used to _________ reading books, but I don’t anymore.

8. She _________ taking that awful exam because she was ill.


1. recommend

2. denied

3. miss

4. couldn’t help

5. risked

6. mind

7. enjoy

8. avoided

-> Verb + Preposition + Infinitive