Verb Patterns Tutorial

This tutorial will look at verb patterns and will help you to learn how to use them properly. Once you go through this tutorial you will be able to speak much more fluently and sound much better.

What Are Verb Patterns?

When there are two verbs in a sentence, the first verb dictates the pattern of the second verb. Or, to show you using two examples:

  • I want to visit my friends.
  • I enjoy visiting my friends.

In the first sentence the second verb (to visit) is an infinitive. In the second sentence the second verb is a gerund.

Infinitive = to + verb (to go, to see, to visit etc.)
Gerund = verb + ing (going, seeing, visiting etc.)

The Different Patterns

The two patterns introduced above are the two most common. Here is the full list:

Infinitive – I want to go

Gerund – I enjoy going

Preposition + Gerund – I think about doing it.

Object + Verb – He let me go.

Special Cases – I like to smoke, I like smoking.

Our Tutorial

Beth and David will guide you through our tutorial and show you how to use the different verbs through their conversations.

Lesson One: Verb + Infinitive
Lesson Two: Verb + Gerund
Lesson Three: Verb + Preposition + Gerund


BethPictureBeth is a thirty something accountant from the UK who wants to move to Switzerland. She loves art, history, and parties. She has a boyfriend called Mark and her best friend is David.


David PictureDavid is also in his thirties. He works in software and is currently single. He likes sports, computers, and parties.