Phrasal Verbs Lesson 2

In lesson 2 we’re going to see a discussion between two people using the following phrasal verbs: break up, bring down, cheer up and get over. Try and work out the meaning of each one by the context:


Mark: Could you please turn off that song, it’s bringing me down.

Paul: You sound miserable, what’s wrong?

Mark: It was mine and Anna’s favorite song.

Paul: Didn’t you break up over a year ago?

Mark: Yeah, but it still hurts and I really miss her.

Paul: You need to get over it! I know what will cheer you up, let’s go to Dave’s house, he’s got a new computer game that you’ll love. Maybe we could take some pizza and beer and make a night out of it.

Mark: Sounds good.

Bring Down

If something is bringing you down it means that it is making you unhappy. In the above conversation the song is bringing Mark down because it reminds him of his old girlfriend. Here are more examples:

  • Stop talking so negatively, you’re bringing me down.
  • The news stories are really bringing me down tonight.
The following song is called, ‘Don’t Let it Bring You Down’ by Neil Young:

Don’t let it bring you down
It’s only castles burning,
Find someone who’s turning
And you will come around.

Get Over

This means to recover from a problem, an illness or a loss. Mark needs to get over / recover from the break up. His friends want him to get over it because he is still upset after one year.

  • I really want to get over this cold, I’ve had it for weeks now.
  • Manchester United need to get over their recent loss and win the next game.
  • Stop worrying about what happened, you need to get over it.


Complete the sentences using the following phrasal verbs: bring down, break up, get over, cheer up (only some are used twice).


1. Come on, __________, it’s not that bad.

2. This movie always _______ me _______.

3. Tom needs to __________, he’s looking depressed.

4. I think I might _________ with Kelly.

5. I just can’t _________ this cold.

6. They _________ 6 weeks ago.


1. cheer up

2. brings / down

3. cheer up

4. break up

5. get over

6. broke up


What is the best way to break up with someone?

When you’re down how do your friends cheer you up?

What’s the best way to get over a past relationship?