Phrasal Verbs: Lesson 1

This is lesson one of our phrasal verbs in context series. Below there is a conversation, an explanation of each phrasal verb, and then a small exercise.


(On the phone)

Holly: Hey Sarah!

Sarah: Hey Holly, how are you?

Holly: I’m doing well. What are your plans for tonight, are you going out?

Sarah: Yeah. Actually, a guy from work asked me out, so we’re going to have dinner somewhere downtown!

Holly: Oh fantastic. Who is he?

Sarah: Just a guy from accounts. He seems really nice and we’ve been talking a lot recently.

Holly: Great! Are you free on Sunday? Maybe I could drop by sometime in the afternoon?

Sarah: Sure, I’ll be home all day, come when you want.

Holly: Perfect. Have fun tonight.

Sarah: Thanks. See you Sunday.

Holly: Bye.

Go Out

To go out means to go to a social event. This can be very casual or formal. Here are some examples:

  • I want to go out tonight; what are your plans?
  • We went out for dinner and then for a few drinks.
  • How many times do you go out per week?

Note: The opposite of going out is to stay in. A very common question suggestion is:

  • Do you want to go out or stay in tonight?
  • We just stayed in last night.
  • I usually stay in on Fridays.

To go out with someone means to be in a relationship with someone (informal). Here are some examples:

  • How long have you been going out with her?
  • They’ve been going out for 6 months.

Drop By

To drop by (or drop in/over) means to go somewhere without a fixed time or appointment. It is used both in an informal way between friends and also in some business situations.

  • Can I drop by sometime this weekend to pick up my things?
  • Rick dropped by on Sunday, it was great to see him.
  • (Receptionist at the eye doctors) Just drop in anytime, we’ve got quite a lot of availability.


Complete the sentences using the following phrasal verbs: go out, stay in, ask out, drop by (only some are used twice).


1. Can I ________ tomorrow? I need to give you back your DVD.

2. They have been _________ for 2 years now. They’re definitely going to get married!

3. We just _________ last night and watched TV.

4. My friend _________ yesterday to say hello.

5. Are you going to ____ her _______?

6. Let’s _________ somewhere new tonight.

7. Paul ________ Jessica.


1. drop by

2. going out

3. stayed in

4. dropped by

5. ask / out

6. go out

7. asked out


At the weekend, do you prefer to go out or stay in?

What’s some good advice when asking someone out?