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Past Simple Pronunciation for Regular Verbs – “ED”

Forming regular verbs in the past simple can be straightforward once you know the rules and have practiced conjugating them. But how do you pronounce them?

This is something that a lot of English learners have difficulty with as there are three distinct sounds. But after learning the rules, familiarizing yourself with them, and then practicing the examples, you will be able to pronounce them correctly when speaking.

This article will outline the three different sounds of the past simple regular verbs along with ways to practice.

The 3 sounds are:

  1. /id/ e.g., wanted
  2. /t/ e.g., worked
  3. /d/ e.g., covered

3. /d/

This is used for all voiced sounds.

  • I covered the cake in icing.
  • I played football all day.
  • He offered me the job.
  • I returned the video.

Practice the sounds above and repeat them after the recording. Listen for the ending of each sound and practice saying this out loud. It takes time to familiarize yourself with these sounds and the more you see of them the more natural it will become.


Choose the correct sound for each verb.

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