Want an English Coach?

Most English learners need more than a teacher. They need someone who can help them in all areas of their language learning so that they finally achieve their goals.

That is what we offer here at JDA English. We give our students everything they need to succeed.

Jack Askew – Head Tutor

Jack cut out

Hello, I’m Jack. I’ve been teaching English online since 2007 and I have also spent a couple of years teaching in Spain. I focus on General English, business English, and IELTS exam preparation.

I make sure that my students are relaxed, confident, and comfortable during the lessons. I also give lots of advice on how to make the most out of the lessons and how to learn outside of class.

I have many interests and can talk about most topics in depth. I particularly enjoy reading about current affairs, playing sports, taking photographs, and learning languages.

Take a trial with me to learn about how you can finally make the progress you have always wanted to make.

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Kate Folkman

katiepicKate is from the US and has been teaching for several years. She got her CELTA qualification from Campbell College, Spain and has a master’s degree in English Literature. Her interests are reading, design, food and travelling.