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Earn Money while Practicing English with Native Speakers (and a new way to travel)

AirBnB JDA Artwork

My family and I have just come back (returned) from our vacation. We spent a week in Charleston and Savannah – two beautiful and historic cities on the east coast of the United States.

We did something a little different during this trip, something that we hadn’t done before: we didn’t stay in a hotel or hostel, but instead stayed with people that we didn’t know. And, we want to do this again and again in the future.

We used a service called AirBnB and stayed in the spare rooms of two different families. We looked for listings in both Charleston and Savannah, read the details and reviews of each one, and then contacted the people who had listings that we were interested in. We made sure that we stayed with people who were the right fit for us, and everything was booked securely on the website.

Using this service made me think about how it could be beneficial for English learners (more on this below).

Using AirBnB

You can do two different things with their service: look for places to stay (like we did), and also list your spare room/apartment/house so that others can stay with you (for a fee that you set).

The website has grown dramatically over the past couple of years as you can make money from your spare room and also save money when traveling as it’s usually cheaper than a hotel or a bed and breakfast.

But, how can we use this service for learning English?

Earn Money while Practicing Your English

Your AirBnB Listing

Listing your place on AirBnB.

If you have a spare room, then consider renting it out to tourists who want to visit your town or city. Not only will you earn money, but if your area is popular with English speaking tourists, you will also get the opportunity to practice with native speakers. The service is all about making friends and interacting with your guests, meaning lots of speaking practice for you.

You can also act as a tour guide for your town/city when they visit, and take them to your favorite places, giving you even more speaking practice.

Communicating with native/proficient speakers is important when it comes to progressing in English. With AirBnB, you can do this while getting paid at the same time. Getting started is really simple, and once your listing is live, you can accept or reject those who request to stay with you.

Stay with Others When You Travel

Find Listings AirBnB

Searching for listings in Manchester, UK.


If you are thinking about traveling to an English speaking country in the coming months, then consider using AirBnB. Staying in a hotel severely limits your speaking time. Choosing a hostel is a great alternative as the atmosphere is very friendly and you will have numerous opportunities to speak with others, but many of you reading probably want something a little more comfortable.

AirBnB is the perfect compromise. You can browse through the listings and stay with someone who wants to socialize with their guests. Meeting and socializing with locals changes your trip completely, making it richer and more enjoyable. And, it will give you lots of opportunities to speak English with the natives.

Always stay with those who have received positive reviews, as although hosts have to go through a security process to ensure that they are trustworthy, it’s best to stay somewhere that has received positive feedback.

So, the next time you are considering a trip, check out AirBnB and see what is available. Make the most of your time in an English speaking country and get the speaking practice you need to make progress.

Get Started

If you want to sign up to use this service click the link below:

Click here to check out AirBnB.

Listing your place is really simple, and you can also find some great places to stay for your next vacation.

Let me know in the comments below if you have used this service before, or if you are considering using it in the future.

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