IELTS Writing Overview

The IELTS writing in split up into two tasks: Task One and Task Two. Task 2 is the same for both general and academic exams but Task 1 is different.

The overall time for both writing tasks is one hour.

Task One – General

If you are taking the general exam, then you will have to write a letter for task one. The letter can be formal or informal depending on the type of letter that you are asked to write. You are required to write a minimum of 150 words and should spend 20 minutes on this task.

Click here for more information on this task.

Task One Academic

In the academic exam, task one is different. You will be asked to write a short report describe visual data or information. This usually takes the form of a graph, chart, or table. This tasks also has a requirement of 150 minimum and you should spend 20 minutes on this task.

Task Two (General and Academic)

In task two you will be required to write an essay of 250 words minimum. This should take you 40 minutes.

There are different types of questions that may be asked. Click here to learn more about task 2.