Third Conditional Exercises

This exercise tests your ability to use the third conditional tense. Complete the exercise below and then try out our other exercises.

Click here for an explanation of the third conditional.

Exercise One

1. If __________ , I would have gone to the party.

2. They would have passed if __________ harder.

3. If __________ to that party, __________  my wife.

4. If it __________ a little more, the game would have been cancelled.

5. If I had won the lottery when I was in school, __________ all the money very quickly

Exercise Two

Now complete the following sentences in our Facebook Post:

1. If I had won the lottery when I was 16, I…
2. I would have passed the test if I…
3. If I had gone to the party…

-> What about the 2nd vs 3rd conditional exercise..