First vs Second Conditional Exercises

This exercise tests your ability to use the correct forms of the first conditional and second conditional.

Exercise 1


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Exercise 2

Answers below.

1. I’ll do it tomorrow if __________ time. (I / to have)

2. If I had more time, __________ it (I / to do)

3. Would you go travelling if __________ the lottery? (you / to win)

4. __________ if you go. (I / to go)

5. __________ that if I were you. (I / not / to do)

6. If I __________ speak English, I would definitely try to get a job in the UK. (modal verb can)

7. If I __________, I’ll do it. (to have to)







1. I have.

2. I would do it / I’d do it.

3. you won

4. I’ll go / I will go

5. I would not do / I wouldn’t do

6. could

7. have to