The Beatles

Learn English Through Songs: Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night

The Beatles are one of my favorite bands, and in this lesson you will learn some great new phrases from this very popular song.

Listen to the Song, Don’t Read the Lyrics

Don’t watch the video, just listen. Try and listen to the words that they are singing. There might / will be some words and phrases that you don’t understand but that is ok. Try and think what the song is about in general.

The Song

Read the Lyrics while Listening

OK, now listen to the video again while reading the lyrics. Look for the words that you missed the first time. Repeat a few times so that you become familiar with the song.


Specific Meangings

Here are some specific meanings from the song:

“I’ve been working like a dog” – I have been working very hard (present perfect continuous).

“It’s worth it just to hear you say, you’re gonna give me everything” – The outcome is rewarding enough to do something. In this case the reward of hearing the woman say that she is going to give him everything is worth working so hard.

“…sleeping like a log” – To be in a deep sleep.

“So why on earth should I moan” – There is no reason to complain.

“… feeling you holding me tight” – to hold is to hug someone in a more intimate way.

General Meaning

The song is about someone who works hard to buy things for their girlfriend or wife. He works very hard, but because she makes him feel good, it is worth it. He works hard so that he can buy her things.

Do you think that she is only with him because he buys her things? Is he completely happy with this situation?

The Fun Part

Now it is time to sing along. Use the video and sing along with the lyrics. Then when you have practised, sing along without the lyrics.

Do you enjoy the song? Any other questions? Leave a comment below.

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  • Nadya

    Wow! It really works! I have not heard this song earlier, but after couple times singing I know it by heart!
    Thank you for this interesting challenge!
    It was very fun and useful.

    Give us more songs! :)