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Subscribe to Blogs: Make Reading Interesting Things in English a Habit

In a past video, I talked about how to find and subscribe to podcasts in English. This post will show you how to do this for blogs.

Reading in English is a vital part of making progress. Too many people see this as an obligation rather than something to enjoy. And that is why I made this video: to bring excitement and fun into your reading, and to show you ways to ensure that you do this every day.

Watch the video above and then follow the steps below to ensure that you read enjoyable articles that are relevant to your interests and your learning.

Step One: Find Blogs that Interest You


Find Blogs in English

Use to find blogs in English

Go to and search for the following, “your interest blog list 2014.” For example:

  • Business blog list 2014
  • Football blog list 2014
  • American politics blog list 2014

You will find different websites that have a list of blogs relevant to your interests. Click on one of the lists and then take a look at the blogs the writer recommends.

Take a quick look around and maybe read one or two articles. If you like the blog, then move on the step two.

Remember: It is important to find blogs that match your interests. This is because you will:

  • Be engaged by the content and find it enjoyable.
  • Read more because it interests you.
  • Learn English that is relevant to you and your interests.

Step Two: Subscribe to Blogs You Like

Subscribe to English blogs

Enter your email address to receive updates

Find the subscribe button for the website and enter in your email address. When you subscribe to a blog, you will receive an email every time a new post is written, or a newsletter is sent.

Receiving this email is like receiving a reminder to read something in English. And because you are subscribing to things that interest you, you will look forward to receiving this notification and will want to read these posts.

Bonus tip: Also follow the blog on social media too. This will expose you to more English that interests you.

Step Three: Read Something Every Day

Get into the habit of reading something every day. Choose a specific time of day (first thing in the morning, lunch time, in the evening etc.) when you read something in English.

I recommend that you subscribe to both natural English and also English learning sites. But the more you progress, the more you should focus on natural English.

Over to You

What blogs do you read and recommend (natural English blogs)?

Let us know in the comment section below. And please subscribe to this blog (you get a free book too!).