Clearly Web Extension for Reading English

Make Reading English Online Easier with This Browser Extension

Reading articles online can be sometimes difficult. On certain sites, there are adverts, links, and other information trying to get your attention.

But what if you just want to focus on the article. Well, I have an extension for your browser that transforms any article into a simple design so that you can focus on the content.

Check out the video!

Using Clearly

Download Clearly for Chrome
Download Clearly for Firefox
Safari User? Just click the “reader” button in the browser.

When you are on a webpage that is cluttered (has lots of things on it), then to transform the article you just have to click the browser extension (note: this is for Chrome. It might be different for your browser).

It transforms the article from this:

Before Using Clearly

Before Using Clearly


To this:

After Using Clearly

After Using Clearly

All you have to do to achieve this is to click the extension button. Then, to go back to the original, click the back button.

I hope this video and post makes it easier for you to read articles in English online and to focus on the content.